Book Train Tickets Online at IRCTC

For travelers returning from outside India and interested to travel using train service in India, on-line train price {ticket} booking through IRCTC is that the best means of booking their ticket. the web site hosted by IRCTC is sponsored by government for sales of services provided by Indian Railways. the web site is loved by some and others struggle with the functionality. thus people who notice it tough, we've brought some tips for using the web site.

Operational Period: The service of booking tickets on-line isn't offered around the clock. the location is offered from 05:00-23:30 Indian time, that is 23:30-18:00 GMT. If the system gets overloaded thanks to higher influx of users then there could also be a retardant with web site functioning. this might end in downside of acceptance of mastercard or with an automatic message requesting you to undertake once more. this might be a reason of some individuals noticeing it easier whereas others find it tough to use it! but, after 18.00 Indian time it becomes less busy once concerning 18:00 Indian time (13:00 GMT).

Signing up: to use the IRCTC web site you'd got to check in for a username and a password for the web site. making a username and password is simple. The check in method doesn't settle for the post code of UK, thus simply use the primary few digits when it asks for a similar.

To reserve an area within the train a pre booking amount of sixty days is allowed for many of the long distance trains. Recently this has been extended to ninety days before departure on an experimental basis. for a few of the short-distance trains that run between close to by cities or inter-city trains, the booking open before but sixty days. Before the booking for a specific train is open reservation for that train can't be done.

10 ticket limits: there's a limitation of booking facility for a private to book most up o ten tickets in one calendar month using the web site. Hence it's to be kept in mind that if you need to book tickets for whole series of journeys through this method. For quite ten journeys a lot of advanced itinerary would be needed which could also be higher booked using an IndRail pass,. you'll be able to get an inspiration seeing below.

Ticket delivery: There are each the choices of e-ticket and i-ticket, but they will not be delivered at overseas address or be picked up at the station.

The e-ticket choice: E-ticketing could be a typically suggested option that allows you to book and take a print out of the price ticket as soon as you're done with e-booking. When demanded by the train price ticket collector this needs to be created along side your identity proof of a passport. E-ticket booking is simple and by booking this issues related to price ticket delivery will be avoided. For travelling on Shatabdi and Rajdhani specific IRCTC has introduced hassle-free price ticket less choice in 2005. This was extended to hide the majority long-distance specific trains in 2006. For booking of the e-ticket alittle charge is formed further to the price ticket price, currently RS twenty five, about 35p. you'll be able to resume travel if you lose the price ticket as long as you have got your passport as ID, but you'd need to render a RS fifty fine.

The i-ticket choice: If thanks to some reason e-ticket choice isn't offered then you'll be able to use the i-ticket option for the train you would like. I-tickets (i=internet) are delivered to a chosen postal address by courier service; but the address needs to be an Indian address. The address may well be a hotel where you may be staying in Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and alternative specified Indian cities. An authorizing delivery letter would be required by the courier service, if you raise for them to be delivered to your hotel and you're not gift there to receive the letter and some other person receives the letter. Hence you have got to form necessary arrangement so the price ticket reaches you.

An authorization letter will be sent to the hotel administration by email or fax. you'll be able to notice the postcodes within which cities are lined by the courier service; you'll be able to choose 'PIN codes covered' from the IRCTC home page. Please make sure that you recognize the complete address and postcode (which is termed a PIN code in India) for your hotel. In case you discover any issue in booking the i-ticket or the e-ticket or assortment and delivery arrangements do not suit you, you'll contact IndRail pass agency using an IndRail pass as explained below.

Payment: The payment choices offered on the web site are secured and you'll be able to pay using the Visa, MasterCard or Amex mastercard facility. you'll be able to choose any of the many 'pay by credit card' choices to form a payment using the payment gateway. Thought it's reported that the payment choice through Citi Bank (top right) functions well than the others, it does not very matter that 'pay by credit card' choices you select. this can be as a result of you are solely selecting Indian banking service to handle your transaction and not the mastercard you own. IRCTC accepts credit cards issued outside India, in contrast to some Indian budget airline websites. This makes the method simple for tourists to book train travel. An email is shipped by Indian railways once the price ticket is booked and transaction of cash is finished.
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List of All Garibrath and Yuva Trains

 Garib Rath Express Trains: Amongst the leading trains of India, Garib Rath was introduced by Indian Railways in year 2005 by then Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. The train was began to supply fully AC (air conditioned) rail travel to all or any those travellers who can’t afford expensive fares of totally AC stylish and posh trains like Shatabadi and Rajdhani Express. because the name itself says, Garib Rath trains denoted to economically weaker section. The train was started with the services of being fully AC and moving at a quicker pace than normally different super fast trains moving in current times.

The highest speed is sort of one hundred thirty km/hour that is sort of same as Rajdhani train. The maiden voyage of Garib Rath Express commenced from Saharsa in Bihar to Amritsar in Punjab. Critics and evaluators alike noted that the first voyage was selected between 2 commercially not thus necessary routes as various folks of Bihar had transfered to Punjab and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s origination from Bihar led him opt for this route for his political advantages. Despite all criticism, Garib Rath received accolades, with train’s capability reaching nearly 100% in off-season times.

Garib Rath Express trains are lined up to own various facilities like microwave oven, fridge etc. They’ll even have non stop running electronic show where distance left, the name of consecutive station and approximate time to succeed in there'll be shown. The coaches will be beautified with pretty paintings portraying Indian heritage.

The introduction of Garib Rath Express has enhanced relations between commercially vital routes, where of these trains run comparatively at the next speed and create few halts. On seeing most success and recognition of Garib Rath Express trains Indian Government has planned to introduce additional such trains on completely different routes.

Below is the list of all Garib Rath Express Trains and Yuva Trains :

06539 Yesvantpur Sainagar Shirdi Garibarath Exp.
06540 Sainagar Shirdi Yesvantpur Garibarath Exp.
08469 Puri Bangalore Garibarath Exp.
08470 Bangalore Puri Garibarath Exp.
12113 Pune Nagpur Garibarath Exp.
12114 Nagpur Pune Garibarath Exp.
12187 Jabalpur Mumbai Garibarath Exp.
12188 Mumbai Jabalpur Garibarath Exp.
12201 Lokmanyatilak Kochuveli Garibarath Exp.
12202 Kochuveli Lokmanyatilak Garibarath Exp.
12203 Saharsa Amritsar Garibarath Exp.
12204 Amritsar Saharsa Garibarath Exp.
12207 Kathgodam Jammu Tawi Garibarath Exp.
12208 Jammu Tawi Kathgodam Garibarath Exp.
12209 Kanpur Kathgodam Garibarath Exp.
12210 Kathgodam Kanpur Garibarath Exp.
12211 Bapudm Motihari Anand Vihar Garibarath Exp.
12212 Anand Vihar Bapudm Motihari Garibarath Exp.
12215 Delhi Bandra Garibarath Exp.
12216 Bandra Delhi S Rohilla Garibarath Exp.
12247 Bandra H Nizamuddin Yuva Exp.
12248 H Nizamuddin Bandra Yuva Exp.
12249 Howrah New Delhi Yuva Exp.
12250 New Delhi HowrahYuva Exp.
12255 Yesvantpur Puducherry Garibarath Exp.
12256 Puducherry Yesvantpur Garibarath Exp.
12257 Yesvantpur Kochuveli Garibarath Exp.
12258 Kochuveli Yesvantpur Garibarath Exp.
12353 Bhagalpur H Nizamuddin Garibarath Exp.
12354 Anand Vihar Bhagalpur Garibarath Exp.
12359 Kolkata Patna Garibarath Exp.
12360 Patna Kolkata Garibarath Exp.
12517 Kolkata Guwahati Garibarath Exp.
12518 Guwahati Kolkata Garibarath Exp.
12535 Lucknow Raipur Garibarath Exp.
12536 Raipur Lucknow Garibarath Exp.
12551 Varanasi Anand Vihar Garibarath Exp.
12552 Anand Vihar Varanasi Garibarath Exp.
12569 Jaynagar H Nizamuddin Garibarath Exp.
12570 Anand Vihar Jaynagar Garibarath Exp.
12611 Chennai H Nizamuddin Garibarath Exp.
12612 H Nizamuddin Chennai Garibarath Exp.
12735 Secunderabad Yesvantpur Garibarath Exp.
12736 Yesvantpur Secunderabad Garibarath Exp.
12739 Vishakapatnam Secunderabad Garibarath Exp.
12740 Secunderabad Vishakapatnam Garibarath Exp.
12831 Dhanbad Bhubaneswar Garibarath Exp.
12832 Bhubaneswar Dhanbad Garibarath Exp.
12877 Ranchi New Delhi Garibarath Exp.
12878 New Delhi Ranchi Garibarath Exp.
12881 Howrah Puri Garibarath Exp.
12882 Puri Howrah Garibarath Exp.
12909 Bandra H Nizamuddin Garibarath Exp.
12910 H Nizamuddin Bandra Garibarath Exp.
12983 Jaipur Chandigarh Garibarath Exp.
12984 Chandigarh Jaipur Garibarath Exp.
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List of all Janshatabdi Express Trains

Janshatabdi Express trains by Indian Railways are a series of high speed trains. The fast paced trains connects varied necessary cities of the country. There are many tourist places moreover as business centres that passengers will reach simply via Janshatabdi Express trains. The Janshatabdi Express trains runs mainly throughout day time and returns back to the origin the each same day.

Below is the list of all Janshatabdi Express Trains:

05697 Lumding Lower Haflong Hill Queen Exp.
05698 Lower Haflong Lumding Hill Queen Exp.
12021 Howrah Barabil Janshatabdi Exp.
12022 Barabil Howrah Janshatabdi Exp.
12023 Howrah Patna Janshatabdi Exp.
12024 Patna Howrah Janshatabdi Exp.
12051 Mumbai Madgaon Janshatabdi Exp.
12052 Madgaon Mumbai Janshatabdi Exp.
12053 Haridwar Amritsar Janshatabdi Exp.
12054 Amritsar Haridwar Janshatabdi Exp.
12055 New Delhi Dehradun Janshatabdi Exp.
12056 Dehradun New Delhi Janshatabdi Exp.
12057 New Delhi Una Himachal Janshatabdi Exp.
12058 Una Himachal New Delhi Janshatabdi Exp.
12059 Kota H Nizamuddin Janshatabdi Exp.
12060 H Nizamuddin Kota Janshatabdi Exp.
12061 Habibganj Jabalpur Janshatabdi Exp.
12062 Jabalpur Habibganj Janshatabdi Exp.
12067 Guwahati Jorhat Town Janshatabdi Exp.
12068 Jorhat Town Guwahati Janshatabdi Exp.
12069 Raigarh Gondia Janshatabdi Exp.
12070 Gondia Raigarh Janshatabdi Exp.
12071 Mumbai Aurangabad Janshatabdi Exp.
12072 Aurangabad Mumbai Janshatabdi Exp.
12073 Howrah Bhubaneswar Janshatabdi Exp.
12074 Bhubaneswar Howrah Janshatabdi Exp.
12075 Kozhikode Trivandrum Janshatabdi Exp.
12076 Trivandrum Kozhikode Janshatabdi Exp.
12077 Chennai Vijayawada Janshatabdi Exp.
12078 Vijayawada Chennai Janshatabdi Exp.
12079 Bangalore Hubli Janshatabdi Exp.
12080 Hubli Bangalore Janshatabdi Exp.
12083 Mayiladuturai Coimbatore Janshatabdi Exp.
12084 Coimbatore Mayiladuturai Janshatabdi Exp.
12365 Patna Ranchi Janshatabdi Exp.
12366 Ranchi Patna Janshatabdi Exp.
13108 Kolkata Dhaca Cantt Maitree Express
13109 Dhaca Cantt Kolkata Maitree Express
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List of All Rajdhani Express Trains

Rajdhani Express Trains: the fast paced trains connects New Delhi to the opposite major cities of the India. This category of passenger trains was introduced in 1969 and moves with a speed of concerning one hundred forty km/hr, though the speed varies at few places. Rajdhani Express when ran for the primary time, it coated the space of one,445 kilometres between national capital New Delhi to Howrah. The train took concerning seventeen hours twenty minutes to hide this long distance. Rajhdhani Express trains offers the foremost comfy and pleasurable journeys to the passengers. An advance booking of the tickets is very suggested and tickets may be booked simply on-line.

Rajhdhani Express trains are centrally air-conditioned and luxuriate in highest priority on Indian Railways network. Passengers travelling by Rajhdhani Express get many facilities. Complimentary meals are offered throughout the trip. Passengers are offered facilities as per the time taken by the train to succeed in the actual destination. Newspapers also are provided to the travellers.

Rajhdhani Express trains contains of mainly 3 types of accommodations that are first-class AC, AC two-tier and AC three-tier. In gift times, there are total of eighteen Rajhdhani Express trains running all across the country. Today, Rajhdhani Express trains run at a median speed of concerning eighty kilometres per hour. The trains possess the capability to beat airlines too. The comfort and luxury hooked up with this category of trains has been successful in casting a spell on travellers. Travelling with Rajdhani Express is must-do for each traveller.

Below is the list of all Rajdhani Express Trains :

02423 Dibrugarh Guwahati Rajdhani Exp.
02424 Guwahati Dibrugarh Rajdhani Exp.
02435 Dibrugarh Guwahati Rajdhani Exp.
02436 Guwahati Dibrugarh Rajdhani Exp.
12235 Guwahati New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12236 New Delhi Guwahati Rajdhani Exp.
12301 Howrah New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12302 New Delhi Howrah Rajdhani Exp.
12305 Howrah New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12306 New Delhi Howrah Rajdhani Exp.
12309 Rajinder Nagar Bihar New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12310 New Delhi Rajinder Nagar Bihar Rajdhani Exp.
12313 SealdahNew Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12314 New Delhi Sealdah Rajdhani Exp.
12421 Bhubaneswar New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12422 New Delhi Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Exp.
12423 Dibrugarh New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12424 New Delhi Dibrugarh Rajdhani Exp.
12425 New Delhi Jammu Tawi Rajdhani Exp.
12426 Jammu Tawi New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12429 Bangalore H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12430 H Nizamuddin BangaloreRajdhani Exp.
12431 Trivandrum H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12432 H Nizamuddin Trivandrum Rajdhani Exp.
12433 Chennai H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12434 H Nizamuddin Chennai Rajdhani Exp.
12435 Dibrugarh New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12436 New Delhi Dibrugarh Rajdhani Exp.
12437 Secunderabad H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12438 H Nizamuddin Secunderabad Rajdhani Exp.
12439 Ranchi New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12440 New Delhi Ranchi Rajdhani Exp.
12441 Bilaspur JN New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12442 New Delhi Bilaspur Rajdhani Exp.
12443 Bhubaneswar New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12444 New Delhi Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Exp.
12453 Ranchi New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12454 New Delhi Ranchi Rajdhani Exp.
12493 BangaloreH Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12494 H Nizamuddin Bangalore Rajdhani Exp.
12951 Mumbai Central New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12952 New Delhi Mumbai Central Rajdhani Exp.
12953 Mumbai Central H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12954 H Nizamuddin Mumbai Central Rajdhani Exp.
12957 Ahmedabad New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12958 New Delhi Ahmedabad Rajdhani Exp.
22423 Guwahati New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
22424 New Delhi Guwahati Rajdhani Exp.
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List of All Duronto Express Trains

Duronto Express Trains: another set of specialized trains by Indian Railways is solely an impressive thanks to travel quick and in complete comfort across the country. Duronto Express could be a non-stop purpose to purpose rail service. Such quite train service has been introduced for the second time in Indian Railways history. Duronto Express is India’s fastest trains covering supply to the destination distance non-stop with solely few major crew and technical stoppages within the journey. The facilities offered in Duronto Express trains are one amongst the most effective by Indian Railways. The trains mainly includes of five totally different categories of accommodations - initial AC, Three-tier AC, Two-tier AC, Economy and Sleeper category (available in Howrah-Yeshwantapur and Mumbai-Nagpur Duronto).

The coaches of Duronto are painted with splashes of colors and are regarding twenty four metres long as compared to the opposite regular coaches that are of regarding twenty two.3 metres length. sensible quality chrome steel has been used to create the coaches. The coaches are well equipped with management discharge rest room system, superior sound and thermal insulation and center buffer coupler to run longer trains. The coaches have well-fitted with air springs rather than coil springs, therefore offers nice riding expertise even at higher speeds.

The passenger service of Duronto Express includes a good pantry automobile that gives meals whose value is included within the train price tag itself. Moreover, the fares are less in comparison to different Express trains running on the similar routes. And on some long-term Duronto Express trains, there’s conjointly Doctors on board.

Below is the list of all Duronto Express Trains :
12221 Pune Howrah Duronto Exp.
12222 Howrah Pune Duronto Exp.
12245 Howrah Yesvantpur Duronto Exp.
12246 Yesvantpur Howrah Duronto Exp.
12259 Sealdah New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12260 New Delhi Sealdah Duronto Exp.
12261 Mumbai CST Howrah Duronto Exp.
12262 Howrah Mumbai CST Duronto Exp.
12263 Pune H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12264 H Nizamuddin Pune Duronto Exp.
12265 Delhi S Rohilla Jammu Tawi Duronto Exp.
12266 Jammu Tawi Delhi S Rohilla Duronto Exp.
12267 Mumbai central Ahmedabad Duronto Exp.
12268 Ahmedabad Mumbai Central Duronto Exp.
12269 Chennai Central H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12270 H Nizamuddin Chennai Central Duronto Exp.
12271 Lucknow New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12272 New Delhi Lucknow Duronto Exp.
12273 Howrah New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12274 New Delhi Howrah Duronto Exp.
12275 Allahabad New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12276 New Delhi Allahabad Duronto Exp.
12277 Howrah Puri Duronto Exp.
12278 Puri Howrah Duronto Exp.
12281 Bhubaneswar New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12282 New Delhi Bhubaneswar Duronto Exp.
12283 Eranakulam H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12284 H Nizamuddin Eranakulam Duronto Exp.
12285 Secunderabad H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12286H Nizamuddin Secunderabad jnDuronto Exp.
12289 Mumbai CST Nagpur Duronto Exp.
12290 Nagpur Mumbai CST Duronto Exp.
12847 Howrah Digha Flag Stn Duronto Exp.
12848 Digha Flag Stn Howrah Duronto Exp.
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